Great acts of human kindness

Couple of months ago I have found a short movie made by Eliot Rausch & Lukas Korver about Stephen Murray, a professional BMX rider who had a life changing experience on June 22, 2007 when he had a severe accident as he crashed during the BMX Dirt Finals and this ended his career as a professional rider. Since than Stephen is tied to a wheel chair and the only movement he can do is with his head.But the most amazing thing about Stephen is that he never gave up and lost hope. He created Stay Strong with the mission to promote a positive life message to people across the world.
OFF The Wall TV made TV Series called “Pass the bucket” which are dedicated to people who had the utmost challenges in their lives but despite all their countinue to live their lives and even to become role models and pure inspiration for the others. Eliot Rausch and Lukas Korver are behind these TV seriers and show us these stories in a amazing way with great cinematography and music.
Here are some of the amazing people who share their stories and give hope to many others.
You can watch all the episodes on the OFF THE WALL TV website.

June 22, 2007 marked a day that the Action Sports world will remember for a lifetime. A day that has forever changed the life of professional BMX rider & three time U.S. Gold Medalist, Stephen Murray.
In the midst of doing a double back flip, Stephen Murray crashed while competing in the BMX Dirt Finals at the Dew Actions Sports Tour, in Baltimore, Maryland. It was quoted as being “one of the worst crashes seen in BMX” and one that would ultimately be career ending for this incredibly talented, 27 year old athlete. Fully paralyzed, Stephen now lives a different reality, but see’s it as a platform to help others. Through his "Stay Strong" foundation and missioner determination, Stephen surprisingly finds a powerful way to pass the bucket.

For more information on Stephen’s foundation go to

Directed & Edited by Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography: Lukas Korver

To see more go to

Music by:
Soporus “Lelechenky”
This Will Destroy You “They Move On Tracks of Never-Ending Light”
This Will Destroy You “The Mighty Rio Grande”
Caspian “Vienna”

Crys Worley, founder of A.Skate Foundation, mom to Sasha, an 8-year-old boy with autism works full time in the dental field, goes to school, and hosts the A.Skate clinics all over for families who have children on the autism spectrum.

The A.Skate Foundation is a non-profit that allows children with autism to be a part of the social world through skateboarding. They hold clinics for children with autism at no cost to the families, give grants to children with autism for skateboard gear, as well as promote awareness and educate families about the skateboard industry. Five years ago 1:150 children were diagnosed with autism. Today 1:91 children are diagnosed with autism, 1:58 of those being boys according to the statistics on TACA now. Autism, like skateboarding, can be unpredictable and often times unruly. A.Skate embraces the parts of autism that are hard to understand and gives these kids an outlet that is free of rules or judgment, and allows them to be social without being “social”.

For more information and to get involved log onto

Directed & Edited by Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography: Lukas Korver

To see more go to

Music by:
Caspian "Sycamore"
Ian Love "Burnt out cars "
Jon McKiel "Get Caught"

Considered to be one of the the most influential skateboarders of all time, Tony Alva, an original Z-Boy, hit a bottom 4 years ago battling drug addiction and alcoholism.  There, at his lowest point, his reliance on successes and ego came into perspective for the first time.  Tony's fight for sobriety and truth has recently lead him to a new perspective on life and direction moving forward. Dedicated to giving back Tony now see's passing the bucket as the only way out. 

For more information on how you can help support the children go to

Directed & Edited by Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography: Lukas Korver

To see more episodes of Pass The Bucket be sure to tune into

Music by:
SK Nava "Prognosis Negative
Russian Circles "Hexed All"
Moving Mountains "The Earth and the Sun"

Amy Purdy is a snowboarder, skateboarder, makeup artist, actress, model and is also a double leg amputee.  At the age of 19, she contracted Neisseria meningitis, a form of bacterial meningitis. Due to the disease, which affected her circulatory system, both of her legs had to be amputated below the knee.  Her spleen and a kidney had to be removed as well. Two years later, she received a kidney transplant from her father.  Her friends now refer to her by the nickname Lucky.

Amy's most significant accomplishment to date is in the creation and development of the action sport athletic organization; Adaptive Action Sports. In 2005 Amy and her partner Daniel Gale founded the non-profit organization to help adaptive athletes get involved with action sports, art and music.

As of 2011 Amy is currently ranked #1 in the world for Adaptive Snowboarding and recently got adaptive sports into the 2011 X-Games. Amy's future goal is getting adaptive sports into the 2014 Olympics.

For more information on how you can help support Adaptive Action Sports go to

Directed & Edited by: Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography: Lukas Korver

To see more episodes of Pass The Bucket be sure to tune into

Music by:
Romance of Young Tigers "The Sound and The Fury"
Matterhorn "Plaid Parade"
Moving Mountains "Bottom Feeder"
Lymbyc System "Rest Easy Age Kindly"

Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation is dedicated to providing disadvantaged urban youth with significant exposure and access to the arts, and to offering exhibition opportunities for underrepresented artists and artists of color. Rush was founded in 1995 by three brothers: Danny Simmons, visual artist and community builder; media mogul Russell Simmons; and Joseph (Rev. Run) Simmons of the legendary hip-hop group RUN-DMC. Their goal was to fill the gap that poor and minorities face in both accessing the arts and exhibition opportunities.


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