[Monday Inspiration] – Kook Ewo (title sequence designer)

Born in 1979, Kook Ewo represents better than no one the new generation of “made in France” title sequence directors.

KOOK EWO REEL 2013 720P from ChezEddy on Vimeo.

Very strong visual biases, a sense of very stylized typography, a committed will to evoke genuine emotions for the audience; this true artist knows how to make his work a real piece of art, but always serving the director. Kook Ewo is behind all these noteworthy title sequences: “Silent Hill” (Christophe Gans), “Splice” (Vincenzo Natali) and “Solomon Kane” (Michael J. Basset).

Kook Ewo also directs commercials and short-films. “Black Night is falling” won the Grand Prize of the Angouleme Short-film festival in 2008.

Here is a great interview with him.

Title designer Kook Ewo – interview from Submarine Channel on Vimeo.


SILENT HILL 2 – END TITLE from ChezEddy on Vimeo.

Kook Ewo on:

Forget the film, Watch the titles

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